The History (and Power) of AI by AI

Jul 8, 2023 | Content Creation, eLearning

 As a test, I went to ChatGPT and asked it to come up with a script for a video presentation entitled “The History Of AI” which it did in no short order. I then asked it to provide prompts that I could use in MidJourney, an AI image creator, to produce images I could use for each scene. The results came quickly enough but did not necessarily provide the best results at MidJourney. Some had to be tweaked a little but even then the results were impressive images but, perhaps, not exactly what I was looking for. I think the video would be improved with some stock images and footage or adjustments to the prompts but that was not the point.

Armed with the script, I went to Speechelo (AI) and used their AI to convert text to voice with reasonable results.

For the intro I cropped a video I had previously created using GPTVideo (AI). A bit of assembly work with Camtasia and the video was complete.

I am not suggesting this is the best video but the time taken to use these applications shows the real power of AI. What a powerful way to develop learning tools. And, remember, today is the worst AI is going to be – it is only going to get better  the more it is developed and the more it is used.

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