ChatGPT and MidJourney: A Case Study

Sep 2, 2023 | AI Benefits, Content Creation, Image Creation

ever I had been asked to produce a regular online newsletter for a client, a local Cuban Café. The goal of the newsletter is to peak interest and keep the café in front of their growing number of clients so they are frequently reminded to visit or order a delicious delivery. AI allows me to create a short article of interest related to Cuba and find a recipe for a Cuban dish to add. The first newsletter contained an interesting article about Cuban coffee along with a recipe for Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians – a black bean and rice dish).

For the next edition, I asked ChatGPT to produce an article entitled “Cuba: It’s Music, It’s Art and It’s Food” which it duly did along with a requested recipe.

When I presented the article to the client they were pleased but suggested that this could be divided into three and fleshed out for more newsletter editions. Back I went to ChatGPT which quickly produced the required results – three very good articles.

My next thought was to provide header illustrations for the three topics so I headed to MidJourney, an excellent text to image AI tool.

My first request was handled admirably well – I asked for a variety of plated Cuban dishes with a Havana street as a background and it gave me precisely what I wanted in seconds flat.

Next, for the music post, I asked for several Cuban musicians on a Havana street in the style of the Buena Vista Social Club. This one proved a little more difficult. MidJourney sometimes has a problem with hands, feet or limbs in that it adds the odd leg or finger but after a couple of iterations, I got close to what I wanted.

Lastly, I needed something for the Cuban Art edition. ChatGPT had given me some insight with the article it had produced, mentioning a Cuban artist by the name of Wilfredo Lam. I googled the name and found images of some of his work (I recommend that you do likewise ~ click here). So, next, I entered a prompt into MidJourney, “Picture of a Havana scene in the style of Wilfredo Lam”.

I found the result astonishing! Take a look for yourself at the top of this page and compare it to the artist’s work. It is easy to imagine that the picture was in Lam’s style and could have been an original work from the artist but it wasn’t. It was created in seconds by AI.

I think this sums up the promise of AI. I could, perhaps, have researched and eventually come up with the textual content of for the three newsletters in a matter of, maybe,  several hours but ChatGPT provide what I needed in no time at all. Even with artistic talents far exceeding  those I possess, I could never have created any of the images used but especially not the Wilfredo Lam knock-off. MidJourney did it in seconds.

ChatGPT and MidJourney prove what great and powerful tools they are and, don’t forget, they are currently the worst they are going to be. All these tools are improving in leaps and bounds as we go forward. Now is the time to learn.

The other two images used are shown below.

(The Cuban Café is located in Pompano Beach, FL, and is open for breakfast and lunch from Monday to Saturday. Visit where you can sign up for their newsletter and receive recipes and more.)

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