Build A Better Marketing Plan With ChatGPT: Part I

Oct 15, 2023 | Content Creation, Prompts

Knowing how to engineer a better prompt allows you to use ChatGPT to create a better marketing plan with which to promote any product or service and hence build your business. Find out how to get the best from ChatGPT to build the best marketing plan for your business. In Part II we will further show how to use this as a basis to create marketing content such as images, blog posts, social media ads, podcasts and videos using AI. The video is over 20 minutes long but we recommend you view it to the end.


(You can download the prompts by clicking here. Simply change the product or service and target audience to tailor the prompt to your own needs).

If you need help with prompts for ChatGPT or other chatbots go to PromptPal. It even helps with prompts for other AI based sites such as MidJourney, an image creation site.

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